dcuoThe more avid gamer probably plays a host of games at any given time, versus the more casual gamer who might stick to one or two titles. Of course the avid gamer would incur higher expenses as they would be continuously buying new games, but the good news is that if there were a few Sony Online Entertainment games that you had your eye on and were deciding which to play, you might be interested to learn that the company is considering a cover-all charge which comes in the form of a monthly subscription fee of $14.99, which is actually the price one would pay for a monthly subscription to a game like World of Warcraft.

This subscription plan was revealed by Sony Online Entertainment’s boss, John Smedley who shared the information on reddit. So for the price of $14.99 a month, gamers would have access to Sony’s portfolio of PC games, such as PlanetSide 2, Everquest 2, and DC Universe Online, just to name a few. Gamers who are already subscribed to some of Sony’s games will be offered refunds. According to Smedley, “We are considering (and are likely going to move forward with) a plan that means if you subscribe to one of our games you are a subscriber to all our games […] That’s a benefit most companies simply can’t offer because they don’t have our portfolio of games.” 

It sounds like a good idea, especially for the gamer who plays a lot of games but doesn’t want to have to fork out multiple subscription fees. However as it stands, this is merely a system which Sony Online Entertainment is considering and has yet to be put into place, but what do you guys think of their idea? Yay or nay?

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