amazon-4k-programmingDo you think that the video game console market has gotten more saturated with Microsoft joining in the fray, or are the big three – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony just nice, maintaining the balance of power perfectly among them? Word on the street has it that another player might yet make its way to the game console market, and that would be Amazon. This is certainly rather weird considering the nature of the company as well as the businesses that it is involved in. A new rumor through unnamed sources has pointed out that Amazon delayed the introduction of their Android-based console, although the company has promised a 2014 rollout with a price tag that is under $300.

An Android-powered game console is not exactly the most attractive proposition for gamers around, since these tend to be underpowered against the more established players out there such as the Sony PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U. Still, this Amazon console has been touted to offer downloads as well as streaming of music and video content apart from games, of course. Since Amazon has a pretty famous distribution channel of their own, a game console that rides on such a backbone makes much sense.

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