XIDAXIs Bitcoin the way of the future? That’s hard to say. While the virtual currency is without a doubt extremely popular (over $900 at this time of writing), the fact that governments have yet to accept it as a legitimate form of currency has many wondering about the future of Bitcoin and whether it will eventually fade into obscurity. However this has not stopped other companies from embracing the virtual currency, as we have found out yesterday when game developer, Zynga, announced that they would begin testing Bitcoin as a method of payment, and now it looks like they will not be alone as Xidax has announced their support of Bitcoin as well.

For those unfamiliar, Xidax is a company that specializes in building custom gaming rigs, and one of the main differences between Xidax and the competition is that they provide a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor, unlike other companies who might only provide anywhere between 1-3 years. According to Zack Shutt, the executive operations officer of Xidax PCs, “The question reached me, I thought it was a brilliant idea, and we all got very excited about being the first in the industry to embrace this cool new way to pay.” Shutt claims that the reason behind the company’s acceptance of the Bitcoin currency is because of several customers asking them about it.

Will this work out in Xidax’s favor? Well there’s no telling how much the value of Bitcoin will skyrocket in the future, or how much it will drop. Assuming Bitcoin is on the rise, Xidax will definitely be raking in a fortune, or if it drops, well that’s just Xidax’s loss and is pretty much the nature of the Bitcoin currency. What do you guys make of retailers starting to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment? Investment for the future or a bad idea?

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