Companies that initially started off as online video content streaming providers are now making a big push into the development of original content. Netflix is a prime example, having invested hundreds of millions of dollars in this aim, producing award winning shows such as House of Cards. Hulu too has been on this path, and Amazon took a somewhat different route altogether. Last year it ordered 14 original pilots and asked people to vote on ones they liked best, it now has 10 new pilots up for your viewing pleasure, as well as your votes.

Amazon approaches the development of original content in a slightly different way. It orders the pilots, lets viewers vote and that voting influences the decision about which of the pilots will be turned into original series. Public voting isn’t all that Amazon sees before turning them into series, but it does play a major part. Last year two sitcoms, Betas and Alpha House, were turned into series, based on viewer voting and a few other undisclosed factors. This year’s lineup includes five pilots of various children-centric series, as well as five comedy and drama pilots. All pilots can be viewed for free. Amazon’s approach is contrary to the conventional Hollywood approach to TV, and quite a lot of people have praised it for thinking it outside the box.

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