artemisSteve Perlman, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was behind OnLive and WebTV, has just made an announcement concerning the latest wireless broadband technology that is known as pCell. This particular technology will open the doors to full-speed wireless broadband to any mobile device, without taking into consideration the number of users who make use of the similar wireless spectrum simultaneously. It might sound impossible on paper, but Artemis Networks has been studying and refining this technology for the longest time already.

The brand new pCell technology was demonstrated recently, where it would allow mobile data users to enjoy speedy Internet connectivity without running into any lag issues, and there are also no dead zones to contend with. Kiss goodbye to the likes of weak signals with pCell technology, where you might even be fooled into thinking that you are on a fiber network even though you’re just hooked up to a regular mobile network. It is also touted to be compatible with standard LTE (Long-Term Evolution) devices, including the iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

Should pCell technology break out in a big way, it might actually prove to be disruptive to mobile networking companies, and users would be on cloud nine all the time, as they get to enjoy high speed connectivity that would be a boon in this day and age.

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