I am quite sure that many of us out there who cannot get enough of Tolkien’s work on the silver screen are waiting impatiently for the end of 2014. Yes sir, I know that we are about to enter the third month of this year only, but still, the final film in The Hobbit Trilogy is worth the wait. In the meantime, what can one do to alleviate one’s waiting period? Why, instead of reading the book all over again for the umpteenth time, why not enjoy some gaming sessions instead? LEGO The Hobbit is all set to arrive on the Sony PS3, where it will come in the form of a bundle. We are looking at a 500GB PS3 console as well as LEGO The Hobbit, which is the latest LEGO game inspired by the first two Hobbit films.

The asking price for this particular bundle? It is not going to cost too much, really, as Sony has slapped a $269 sticker price for it. This PS3 bundle will be the ideal game to tide over your extended family if they drop by your place this summer, where you will be able to hook up with Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin Oakenshield’s Company of Dwarves as they journey across Middle-earth.

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