I would suppose if you could live to be a century old while remaining in a healthy state, then this is a good thing, with all of your mental faculties still in good working order. After all, there is a whole lot to look forward to in life, right? If you think that working at McDonald’s is a job that you would take on only after finishing up high school before going to university, think again. An employee at one US outlet has just touched the magical 100 years old mark. Mr. Morris Miller hit the milestone age last Friday at the store in Needham, Massachusetts, which would make him a whole lot older (many times over, in fact) compared to the kids who normally celebrate their birthdays at the restaurant.

Mr. Miller’s bevy of friends, family, co-workers as well as customers joined in on the centenarian’s celebration, which was held a day ahead of his official birthday. Mr. Miller began to work at McDonald’s when he was 75, and when Miller hit his nineties, his boss stopped him from performing any heavy lifting tasks, and gave him what many would have deemed to be a dream job – that is, to just show up at the store for a few hours, thrice a week, and just to talk to customers. Ain’t it cool to be able to live that long and get paid just to talk to folks? I don’t think that he eats too much food from McDonald’s itself though.

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