IDC-PGR-2013-Review-Chart-730x422Mobile gaming is a big deal. With most people owning a smartphone or a tablet these days, creating a game for such platforms does make perfect sense. In fact the IDC has recently released some numbers which shows proof that the revenue made by mobile games is only on the rise.

As you can see in the graph above, it shows how mobile gaming revenue for iOS has double while it has quadrupled for Android.

However despite Android’s growth, it seems that iOS is still in the lead, although if the growth rate of Android is maintained, we can only assume it will be a matter of time before they catch up and possibly even surpass iOS’ gaming revenue.

The graph also shows how Android has caught up with gaming-optmized handheld games, which refers to portable handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita (we’re not sure if devices like the NVIDIA Shield has been counted as well since technically it does run Android games).

IDC has also found the game revenue made up 75% of all consumer app spending for the quarter, strongly indicating that games are probably what consumers spend their money on the most when it comes to apps, which begs the question as to why companies like Nintendo are still steadfast in their resolve not to release games for mobile.

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