Anyone who is over 40 would be recommended to go for a colonoscopy from time to time in order to make sure that their intestines are in good working condition, without any kinds of growth or polyps making life difficult for the human body. Not all are comfortable with the traditional colonoscopy, so how would you like to hear of a new method that allows you to gain all the benefits of a colonoscopy simply by swallowing a pill? This is what the PillCam Colon is all about, where it has already received FDA approval.


The PillCam Colon is an invention by Given Imaging, where it costs a mere $500. Thankfully, it is disposable – who would want to swallow something that has been defecated by someone else before? The estimated cost as mentioned above is also touted to be more affordable compared to a single colonoscopy procedure, not to mention that it is a whole lot more less intrusive. The PillCam Colon comes with a pair of different color video cameras attached to it, where there is one on each end.

A small LED light bulb would ensure that your insides can be seen, and the 12mm by 33mm capsule is battery-powered. All you need to do is to pop it in your mouth, swallow it without chewing, and it will get to work by snapping photos between for the next 8 to 10 hours, as it transmits either four or 35 frames per second during that period of time.

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