Platforms like Twitch allow gamers to live stream their games, allowing other games to tune in. This is great for a launch of a new game where the gamer streaming might do a live review, or where gamers can watch professional gamers play and perhaps takeaway from lessons in the process. Well it seems that at least over in Japan, the streaming platform market might have gotten a tad bit more competitive as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has announced that they will be bringing video service, niconico, to PlayStation 4 consoles this spring, according to a report from Gematsu.

PlayStation 4 owners will receive a one month trial membership, after which they will need to update their accounts to the premium niconicoaccount if they wish to continue using the service to live stream their games. For those unfamiliar, niconicois a popular streaming service in Japan which some have likened to Twitch and YouTube. It is mostly populated by gaming content, although in the past publishers have used the platform to stream events and announcements. In fact Nintendo even has some shares in niconico. Of course given that it is a Japanese service, chances are most of the content will be streamed In the Japanese language as well, meaning that unless you speak the language, chances are you might not understand what is being said.

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