sfxtThe last we heard about the Tekken X Street Fighter game, it was back in 2013. Given that we’re now in 2014, what has happened to the game? Has it been shelved? Has it been cancelled? Is it delayed? Well the good news is that the game has not been cancelled, thanks to Namco Bandai’s 2014 release schedule which the folks at VG247 have managed to get their hands on. According to the schedule, Tekken X Street Fighter was listed as “TBC” for 2014, and while it does not really tell us anything about its status, we guess it’s good to know that the studio is still listing it and that it has not been cancelled entirely, although we’d love to hear word from the developers as to its progress.

For those hearing about the game for the first time, back in 2012, Capcom released a title called Street Fighter X Tekken which was basically Capcom’s take on the arcade fighting game feature Tekken’s roster of characters. Namco Bandai decided to do something similar with their own take and feel, resulting in Tekken X Street Fighter, although it was only until now that we have heard anything regarding its status. Back in 2013, the game’s producer, Katsuhiro Harada, reassured gamers that the game is still in development and that the reason behind the apparent delay was because Street Fighter X Tekken was still a popular title and that they didn’t want to dilute it by releasing their version too early.

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