A couple of weeks ago, Capcom made an interesting and somewhat controversial decision to add ads into Street Fighter V. These ads were quickly mocked as some felt that the placement was a bit ridiculous, and suffice to say that many did not receive these new ad implementations well.

The good news is that if you did not particularly enjoy these ads, you’ll be pleased to learn that those ads have since been disabled. However this wasn’t the result of player feedback as the original run was set for the 11th of December until the 25th of December, but at the same time hopefully Capcom has heard the community and will be rethinking about its implementation for the future.

For those who are hearing about these ads for the first time, basically Capcom tried the idea of introducing sponsored content for the game, where these ads will be displayed inside the game itself. It was part of a free trial that Capcom was holding for Street Fighter V where players could try the entire game for free.

Note that these ads could be disabled by players who did not wish to see them, so it wasn’t as if it was forced upon players, and to Capcom’s credit, they weren’t particularly intrusive either. We’re not sure when Capcom plans on bringing back these ads, but like we said, hopefully they’ll take player feedback about them to heart.

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