windows-81-diskspaceWindows 8.1 Build 1 was leaked recently, and it seems that the disk space feature will be part of the deal, in addition to providing users with better access to the operating system with a keyboard and mouse configuration, in addition to other improvements for touchscreen-based PC users. Winsupersite has come across a revamped Disk Space feature in the leaked build of Update 1, and this particular feature ought to make it easier for those who want to manage their Modern apps as well as storage space via a touch-oriented UI.

The Disk Space feature is touted to be available by accessing PC Settings, before you follow it by PC and Devices, where you will be able to check out just how much storage space there is left on the computer right at the top. Located below that indicator, you would find a trio of menu choices, where the first points t the total amount of storage space which is being occupied by Modern UI apps, alongside a “See my app sizes” link If you were to press or click on that particular link, it would send you to the App Sizes utility where individual apps can be uninstalled as and when required to free up more storage space.

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