Those who feel that summer should be half a year long as compared to the other seasons will definitely not like all of those back to school advertisements which are a constant reminder that summer has to share the time within a year equally with winter, spring and autumn. Having said that, Microsoft has already shown off a bunch of new videos that depict the functionality of the education oriented Surface 3 and its older sibling, the Surface Pro 3. These new videos will focus on the note taking ability, its ease of use and versatility, but with Windows 10 having been released close to a month back, running on more than 50 million devices, how come those videos still depict something older – Windows 8.1, to be exact?

I suppose this is because both the Surface 3 and the Surface Pro 3 are being sold with Windows 8.1 right out of the box at the moment, where they will come with a free upgrade to Windows 10 just in case you feel like having it put on some new clothes. Chances are it will still take quite a while before we actually see future Surface videos sport Windows 10 running in the background in order to keep up with the times.

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