level 90 boost 60 dollarsWith the upcoming World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion, the level cap will be raised to level 100. For those starting out with World of Warcraft for the first time, or for gamers looking to roll a new class/race, let’s face it, despite the boost in XP and the reduction in difficulty in leveling, hitting 90 is still a relatively daunting task especially if you think about how much time you would have to spend. Now the good news is that Blizzard will be offering gamers one free boost to level 90 if they were to pre-purchase the game, but what about gamers who need more than one boost?

According to a screenshot grabbed by the folks at WoW Insider, it seems that players looking to boost to level 90 might have to fork out a whopping $60 for that privilege! Of course it is odd that the purchase has gone live given that pre-orders of the game aren’t even live yet, so it is possible that this is a glitch in the system and that the $60 price tag might simply be a placeholder. However even if it wasn’t, $60 is an interesting price as it would discourage gamers from boosting multiple characters to level 90, thus keeping the game alive as far as questing is concerned.

On the other hand gamers who don’t have too much time to spend leveling up characters might feel that the $60 price tag is too much to ask for. Either way hopefully Blizzard will make a statement regarding the price soon, but what do you guys think? Is $60 a bit too much?

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