amazon-bt-controller-01Since mid-2013, rumors have been swirling around a potential console or Android “game box” that would cost less than $300 (which still sounds high for an Android box). I thought that the rumors did have some credibility because Amazon has been hiring a number of engineers that have worked in video-game related positions, but the photo of the controller below is yet another tangible indication that this is all real.

amazon-bt-controller-03It’s not clear how “final” this design is since it looks rather big (beware, without a side by side comparison, this could just be an optical illusion), and it is possible that this is a template that Amazon is using to save time on regulatory filing and prototype work. However, you can expect the final version to land to “too far” from this, so brace yourselves. I have to say, as is it looks pretty ugly, but hopefully Amazon will make it possible to use your own Android-friendly controller. In their defense, NVIDIA’s SHIELD is big too and ended up to be quite comfortable to use.


It is true that the shape of the controller looks similar to the OnLive game controller, but the layout of the Amazon one has a little different. Despite its look, I think that we should keep an open mind and actually try it. Given the presence of DVR buttons, it’s safe to assume that it will also stream Amazon Video content. In the middle, you can also see the Game Circle button which would supposedly lead gamers back to Amazon’s service that handles Achievements, Leaderboards, etc.

The image, which was spotted by Dave Zatz then recirculated by TheVerge, came from the Brazilian version of the FCC. That’s because it’s a wireless controller (Bluetooth) which needs to be approved by local authorities before making it to the market. On the side, is what seems to be LED arrays, possibly to display battery life and connectivity. What do you think?

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