hangouts-downFor those of you out there who happen to use Google Hangouts as your main vehicle of choice when it comes to chatting with friends and family online, I am quite sure that you would have noticed by now that this chat service from Google has run into its fair share of issues, and the Mountain View-based company have also stepped forward to confirm that we are currently going through “service disruption” for Google Hangouts.

Apart from that, Google Talk as well as Sheets (which is a spreadsheets program), too, are experiencing their respective down times as well. You can keep track of Google’s ever growing list of services as well as their respective status here, via the Apps Status Dashboard. It is a pretty nifty tool to keep track of stuff, especially when you need to know just which particular service is up and running at that point or not.

Hopefully Google will be able to figure out just what has happened to their respective online services that are currently down, but it should not signal the end of the world, really. After all, there are way too many other services available online that will be able to offer what Google Talk does.

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