A few weeks back Apple released iOS 7.1, the biggest update for iOS 7.0 ever since it was launched late last year. The update brought fixes for many bugs, apart from visual enhancements and new features. It seems that Apple wasn’t able to quash all bugs in this update. A new bug has been discovered in iOS 7.1 which lets anyone hide native apps on the Home screen in plain sight.

The bug also enables users to place app folders inside a pre-existing app folder. iOS isn’t supposed to do this, yes users can place as many apps as they want in a folder, but they can’t place folders within folders by default. It may actually prove to be useful for people who don’t use certain native applications, but can’t get rid of them since Apple doesn’t allow users to delete native apps.

This bug doesn’t delete the app, it merely a glitch that hides them. They return to their proper place when the device is rebooted. This glitch only works when the folder is moved to a Home screen page that has a full grid of icons, as well as a full dock. The video posted above contains instructions on how to use this bug to hide native applications.

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