KillzoneSF_Review02When it comes to games, the question we have to ask is, do graphics matter? If you grew up playing text-based games like MUD, chances are you’d say no because at the end of the day, it’s the story and the gameplay that really makes a game fun.

However at the same time we cannot deny that playing games with beautiful graphics adds to the immersive effect, and in some ways makes you feel like you’re almost there. That being said, it seems that some gamers have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the game Killzone: Shadow Fall.

According to the reports, it seems that Sony might have mislead gamers into believing the Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer would run at 1080p resolution at a frame rate of 60fps. This is sort of true due to a technicality.

In an explanation provided by CraveOnline, “Killzone: Shadow Fall outputs at 1080p in single-player and multiplayer, but it isn’t native. It uses a unique processing method that blends 960 x 1080 images together. Therefore, the 1080p advertised on the box isn’t inaccurate. Sony’s imprecise marketing is still valid, though.”

It has also been confirmed by Eurogamer that the game really does have a 960×1080 frame buffer. The reasoning behind the drop in resolution is so that they can bump up the frame rate, which is important when it comes to FPS games in order to deliver a smooth and fluid experience (no one likes a jerky FPS).

To be fair there hasn’t really been a public outcry with regards to the possibly misleading marketing by Sony, but it is something worth taking note of. So far reviews of the game have largely been positive and at the end of the day, the game still looks pretty damn amazing.

What do you guys think now that the “true” resolution has been exposed? Do you feel a little cheated, or do you not really care since at the end of the day, it was and still is a fun game?

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