We’re sure there are some people in your life that you would want to avoid, maybe just for that particular day or maybe for good. It could be an ex-partner whom you’ve had a nasty breakup with, or a former boss that fired you, or it could be a friend you’re trying to avoid because you’re planning their surprise party.

Well it seems that if you wanted to avoid those people, there is an app for that and it is called Split. Now we know that it’s April Fools day and the premise of the app certainly sounds ripe for an April Fools prank, but the app itself is very real and is free for download via the iTunes App Store.

Basically how it works is that all you’d have to do is select the person (or persons) that you’d like to avoid and Split will attempt to pull that person’s location data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare and highlight those places to you on a map so that you know where not to go in order to avoid them.

There will also be notifications shown that shows when the person you’re trying to avoid attends the same Facebook event as you, like gatherings, birthday parties, and so on. The app will even provide you with an “escape route” in the event that you somehow end up being in the same location.

According to Udi Dagan, the CEO and founder of Split, “The idea for Split was born on a frustrating night, about two years ago, when I ran into my ex-girlfriend in a bar. After a few awkward minutes, I hurriedly gathered my friends out of there and into another pub down the street, where I literally bumped into another ex… Not a good night.”

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