Amazon lockers are scattered around major metropolitan areas. Customers can order products online and pick them up at their local locker. For long they have only been able to process delivered packages, users would no doubt have wished that they be able to process returned packages as well. Amazon has heard and answered. Amazon lockers are now capable of processing returned packages. The online retail juggernaut quietly rolled out the service today, enabling customers to return items to their nearest lockers.

Its in the news quite a lot today, though not because of this new service. Amazon finally launched its much rumored set-top box today. The $99 Fire TV has gone on sale today. It runs a highly forked version of Android and is also compatible with a game controller, which Amazon unveiled today as well.

Locker returns work exactly how locker pick-ups do. Amazon will send customers a code which will be used to open a specific locker. Those customers will only have one business day to open the locker with that particular code and drop off their item. One cubic foot is the size limit for returns through Amazon lockers.

Amazon users located in major cities can use this tool to locate the nearest Amazon lockers. Happy shopping!

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