overwatch-trademarkWhen it comes to the world of games, the folks over at Blizzard have done a fantastic job over the years with their numerous franchises, ranging from StarCraft to WarCraft and Diablo, spawning sequels after the initial title, where just about all of them happen to be hits. Well, does Blizzard have anything new up their sleeves? Apparently, as the company has just filed a trademark for something that will be known as Overwatch, and this particular trademark deals with all of the standard game and gaming-related categories.

Apart from that, Blizzard’s own recruiting page did mention an unannounced game title, which might have something to do with Overwatch, although nothing has been confirmed just yet. Normally, Blizzard does devote most, if not all of its resources to large teams that work on key franchises, but this particular model seems to be undergoing a change.

In fact, Blizzard did mention recently that they might break off into smaller teams so that these individual teams will be able to work on new kinds of games that will offer a faster turnover, such as Heroes of Warcraft, its collectible card game. Jason Chayes of Blizzard shared, “We started up a new development team because we kind of recognised that we needed to have this ability to be more experimental, experiment with different types of games than what we were doing with our big, core franchises.”

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