Borderlands-splash-600x3001In case you haven’t heard, GameSpy will be officially shuttering its doors on the 31st of May. No doubt this closes the door on an era in gaming, but what it also means for some gamers is that their favorite multiplayer games will no longer be function.

So far in terms of games that have been confirmed to be affected by this is Crytek’s Crysis 1 and 2. EA on the other hand is looking to transition older Battlefield titles to another server where they will remain playable, but the bad news for Borderlands gamers on the PS3 is that the game will be going offline in conjunction with GameSpy shutting down.

Borderlands is just one of the many games that will be affected by this, according to a listing on 2K Games’ support page which has listed a bunch of games that will be taken offline. However not everything is doom and gloom as 2K Games is also planning on migrating some of their games that will make them playable even after GameSpy’s shutdown.

These titles includes Borderlands for the PC, Civilization III, Civilization III: Conquests, Civilization III: Play the World, Civilization IV,Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, Civilization IV: Colonization, and Civilization IV: Warlords. The company has also announced that while Borderlands and Civilization Revolution for the PS3 are currently on the list of games that will be taken offline, they are also “currently investigating the technical feasibility of transitioning those titles.”

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