cyborg-glassesMuch has been said about Google Glass over the past few months, and naturally as it was made available for a one day sale yesterday, Google experienced such tremendous reception that the off-white version of Google Glass was sold out in a relatively short amount of time. Well, it is not the only player in the wearable technology market, as a Japanese researcher has come up with a rather radical looking alternative that will focus on generating eye animations to replace what your eyes actually convey.


Yes sir, this makes it more like a pair of prank glasses, where you can actually close your eyes to sleep, while the “fake eyes” that are more often than not just printed stickers glued to a pair of plastic spectacles. Professor Hirotaka Osawa’s unique kit will depict computer-generated eye animations instead of your biological eyes, allowing you to sneak in a secret nap when nobody else is none the wiser. Of course, it does not help if you’re trying to catch forty winks in class, and your lecturer calls you to solve a problem after being fooled into thinking that you’re actually wide awake and paying attention.

It is said that this pair of glasses could actually be used to simulate emotional reactions whenever one is distracted or busy. The glasses themselves boast of two OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens, where these in turn are controlled via a smartphone or PC through a Bluetooth wireless connection.

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