Just when you thought that the Raspberry Pi was the bee’s knees, along comes Intel with an alternative which is not meant to tread on the toes of the Raspberry Pi market, but rather, carve open a niche of their own. Intel’s second iteration of its own x86-based SBC is known as the MinnowBoard Max, where it will offer a whole lot more processing power than the Raspberry Pi without breaking the bank.


We are looking at a $99 price tag for the MinnowBoard Max, where the entire shebang has dropped its form factor to a mere 3.9” x 2.9″, now how about that? Consider the Raspberry Pi as a reference point which measures 3.37” x 2.21”. Intel’s MinnowBoard Max runs on an Atom E3800 (Bay Trail-I), and comes across as a full system-on-a-chip with a storage controller and Intel HD 400 graphics.

Apart from that, the MinnowBoard Max also prides itself in being one of the few 64-bit SBCs that offers out-of-the-box support for Android 4.4 and Linux operating systems, how about that for added flexibility? Do bear in mind that the $99 version would be the entry-level option that sports a single-core Atom and 1GB RAM, although those who have more spare change can fork out $129 for the dual-core model that has double the amount of RAM and will be available at launch as well.

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