If you are interested in developing software for a Windows-powered computer, then you would definitely be curious to find out what the Intel Sharks Cove is all about. Normally, one would make use of a Windows desktop or laptop alongside some software tools, but Windows does not run only on notebooks and desktops alone, as there is a growing number of Windows devices which happen to be tablets, smartphones, and other devices that boasts of embedded hardware.

Microsoft is currently working with Intel as well as other partners to come up with developer boards that will enable programmers to test Windows apps in the same manner that they would with Android or embedded Linux apps. One of the very first few Windows compatible dev boards has been given the name Intel Sharks Cove, where it is tipped to be out later in the second half of this year.

Sharks Cove happens to be a single-board computer that has an Intel Atom processor, USB and SDIO connectors in addition to GPIO pins, UART, I2C, and I2S connections for testing and debugging hardware and software purposes. Microsoft is also working on creating drivers for tablets and other devices that will boast of system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs which will be different from programming for traditional PCs, due to SOC products making use of low-power internal buses and the lack of standard connectors such as PCI slots and USB connectors. [Press Release]

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