kiravan61 year old Bran Ferren has spent millions to custom make the KiraVan, aptly named considering this is a gift for his daughter who is named Kira, and Kira will be able to enjoy her travels on her very own pop tent that is located on top of the truck. The father and daughter pair intend to travel across America and eventually, the world in KiraVan.


The KiraVan has been called the ultimate recreational vehicle, where it will come with an office, a kitchen, bedrooms as well as its very own motorbike and drone, now how about that? It seems to be more like something out of a James Bond movie than anything else. The KiraVan was a labor of love that has taken a long time to come into existence, where this humongous six-wheeled vehicle is more than capable of driving down mud-swamped roads, and even rock covered roads, courtesy of Kevlar reinforced tyres.

It has enough supplies within to travel up to 2,000 miles without having to stop by and resupply, and it boasts of a special suspension system that can navigate slopes as steep as 45 degrees. Apart from that, the cockpit comes with a special vibration reducing chair, in addition to the ability to use drones that fly ahead in order to check out the traffic condition. The KiraVan measures 31 feet in length and is over 10 feet high, it is a whole lot better equipped compared to some homes out there.

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