Ps Vita Review GamesThe PS Vita is a pretty handy handheld console if you like to take your gaming with you on the go but if you were looking for additional games to play, perhaps relive some games from the glory days of the Sony PSP (the Vita’s predecessor) and the PSone (the original PlayStation console), you might be interested to learn that PS Vita owners can now download their entire PSP and PSone library, a feature which was pretty limited in the past.

This was discovered by PS Vita owners recently, especially after weekend which saw Flash Sales of PSone titles like Spyro and Crash, and after that they realized that they could then go ahead and download their entire libraries. Sony has yet to make an official announcement which is a little odd, so we’re not sure if this was by design or by mistake, and if there are any limitations that gamers need to be aware of.

In any case announcement or not, this is good news for PS Vita owners. This means that they will now be able to gain access to more games than ever, even though some of the titles are pretty old, we reckon that some of them are still pretty fun. After all games are more than just their graphics; it’s the gameplay that really matters.

If you own a PS Vita and you did not realize that this feature has gone live, perhaps it’s time you take the console out of its case and check out what games you can get on your console. In the meantime if any of our readers have managed to do this on their PS Vita, do let us know in the comments below on how it is treating you!

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