RpqLCZdIt has been a while since we last saw a brand new Prince of Persia game, although if recent rumors are anything to go by, a new title is reportedly in the works that will be powered by the UbiArt engine.

For those unfamiliar with the UbiArt engine, it’s basically the same engine that is used to power games like Rayman: Legends which allows the character models to have every part of their body animated, thus adding to the overall experience and possibly adding a new dimension of gameplay as well, although hopefully it won’t look as whimsical.

That being said it was only a rumor, at least until a recent tweet by a Ubisoft employee that teased a new Prince of Persia title. The Twitter account of the employee has since been deleted, but not before NeoGAF user, sjay1994, captured the screenshot in the pictured above which seems to show the progression of the Prince of Persia character, hinting that the next title could feature very different graphics.

We expect that the tweet was not meant to go out this early, if at all, which has led to the account being closed, but we guess this only serves to “confirm” the rumors that a new Prince of Persia title is being worked on. There is no word on when the game will be released, but hopefully we will learn more soon, perhaps at E3 2014 which will be taking place in the next couple of months.

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