Records are meant to be broken, and it is always nice to see how companies or individuals do their very best in order to break a certain record out there. The 4-minute mile, the sub-10 second 100m dash, there are so many examples of a race against time. Windows Phone 8.1 comes into the picture this time around, where the virtual QWERTY keyboard on the Windows Phone platform has been touted to be one of the better features that is made available to the masses by Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Arriving in tow with the Windows Phone 8.1 update, this particular new feature that is known as Word Flow might just make what was good even greater. Word Flow would be familiar to users of Swype, where all that you need to do to compose a full text message would be your thumb (or favored finger of choice), where you slide from one letter to another on the screen in order to spell out the words.

Microsoft set out to design Word Flow with the intention to break the different text-message speed records that lie ahead of them. Of course, the team was successful in their one-mindedness, having achieved a time of 18.44 seconds, smashing the previous Guinness record of 18.53 seconds. I suppose for the average man on the street, the software would be “too fast” to make a difference in their text compositions, but younger folk might appreciate all the hard work that has been put in.

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