xapoI am quite sure that just about everyone and their uncle have heard of Bitcoin before, where it has made its way to the news rather often, stirring up emotions and dividing opinion on it right down the middle. Sure, some folks want to make Bitcoin more accessible to the masses, while others think that this is not a viable currency replacement in the long run. Regardless, the Xapo Debit Card is proud to be the first Bitcoin debit card that would let one spend their Bitcoins as though it were cash, worldwide.

The Xapo Debit would work in a similar manner as that of any standard issue debit card, although it would be a giant leap forward when it comes to developing the Bitcoin infrastructure. This would provide you with the opportunity to make purchases with your Bitcoin balance, whether at an offline merchant or via an online store, as long as either place accepts debit or credit cards.

Once you, the customer, performs a payment with Bitcoin via the Xapo debit card, the merchant in question will be on the receiving end of the funds in their local currency, and not in Bitcoin – which is a good thing. The Xapo debit card is tipped to ship in two months’ time. [Press Release]

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