amazon-logo-largeThe music streaming service does look as though it is about to get yet another competitor as rumor has it that Amazon themselves are about to jump aboard this particular bandwagon, by making it part of its free Amazon Prime offerings. Apparently, it sounds as though Amazon has already struck up deals with the likes of Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and other independent labels. It remains to be seen, however, whether Amazon does have a similar deal with Universal Music Group or not, so as with all other rumors in town, only time will be able to tell.

In terms of its selection, the Amazon music streaming service is said to offer select tracks from the archives of the aforementioned music labels. It would be up to Amazon’s discretion when it boils down to the selection of songs that can be streamed, depending on its existing music and retail efforts. So far, indicators point to songs and albums that are at least 6 months old will be considered, so do not expect to have the freshest playlist around.

In addition, Amazon’s streaming service is also said to work across multiple devices, which is good common sense when one takes into consideration how Amazon has already made their apps available across a bevy of mobile platforms. Ah well, let us sit tight and see what develops from here.

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