barcadeBarcade, which is actually an amalgamation of your local watering hole as well as an arcade, intends to continue in their quest to reunite arcade games to their dive-bar beginnings, and in the process, happen to be working on introducing a couple more locations at trendy locations in Manhattan. As for the games, they will still cost you a single quarter per play, bringing you back to the good old days of yore.


The two new sites happen to be 148 West 24 Street in Chelsea in one, while the other happens to be pending community board approval in St. Mark’s. Should both Barcade locations be successfully launched, then they would be part of the growing “family” which already has established locations over in Jersey City, N.J., Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, and Philadelphia.

The Chelsea location is said to boast of two dozen draft beer taps as well as a full kitchen, but rest assured, the main attraction would be the games there, that features classics from the coin-op gaming era all the way from the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Not surprisingly, Tapper, a game that touches on serving drinks, will also be part of the repertoire. Do you think that such an idea will be a huge success nationwide, or only in select neighborhoods?

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