To bring a legend back to “life” using a computer can be considered to be quite the achievement, and EA has taken this move seriously by including the legendary Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC. In fact, EA Sports has a vision for players to actually feel as though they are the legendary fighter himself, at least in the trailer that you can see above.


Bruce Lee was revealed to be the mystery fighter for this title last month, and those who will be spending plenty of time with the game will be able to unlock him in the flyweight, bantam weight, featherweight and lightweight divisions.

EA Sports UFC creative director Brian Hayes shared, “When you’re fighting as Bruce Lee, we want to make sure you feel that speed, that power, that agility that he was known for. We want to make sure that when you’re controlling Bruce Lee inside the Octagon, you feel like the dragon.”

It goes without saying that many UFC fighters have cited Lee to be one of the major influences when it comes to joining UFC, and UFC president Dana White echoes such a sentiment, “You ask any fighter out there growing up who their inspiration was, everybody says Bruce Lee. I think the sport of mixed martial arts was started by Bruce Lee.”

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