Driverless or self driving cars are the future, Google certainly seems to think so. The fact is a lot of vehicle manufacturers are working on autonomous cars and even though the legal framework might not be in place yet to allow them on the road, the state of California seems to be warming up to the idea. Applications for licenses for self driving cars open up this July with approval for the first batch due in September.

Even though California is embracing the idea, not everyone will be able to get one from the DMV. There are certain terms which will be enforced. For example only designated employees of selected vehicle manufacturers will be able to apply and they will need to insure the self driving cars for at least $5,000,000 against death, personal injury or property damage.

A test driver has to sit in the vehicle at all times and he or she must be able to take immediate control of the car if needed. The driver must be licensed for at least three years with no more than one point and must not have been involved in an accident that caused injuries. If the license was suspended at any point in time due to a DUI the person won’t be eligible.

Autonomous vehicle manufacturers must report any accident that causes damage or injury to the DMV within ten days. Licenses will cost $150 and will cover up to 20 test drivers and ten cars.

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