It is no surprise to anyone who follows the arcade gaming scene that Left 4 Dead is being turned into an arcade game over in Japan, with the project having been announced not too long ago. Well, here is a chance to get a better and closer look at Taito’s licensed take on this classic PC game title, and chances are you will not notice anything that is amiss concerning the gameplay footage, since everything about it pretty much remains the same as the Left 4 Dead that everyone has come to know and love.

The narration of the game, however, is in Japanese in order to cater for the local market where it will appear in, and the voiceovers have been nothing short of chilling, perfectly complementing the entire atmosphere of the title, that is for sure. As for the controls, there will be no lightgun involved, but rather, the arcade cabinet will rely on Wii Remote nunchuks when it comes to player movement, while a mouse is attached for aiming, which means it works just like the original versions. Talk about making it easy to jump from one platform to the arcade! Oh yeah, the survivors are less American and a whole lot more Japanese, schoolgirls included.

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