comcast-wifiWhere do you think would be the fastest Internet connection be? Is it in your home, or at the office? I am quite sure that military bases would have pretty decent speeds, and so too, do universities and research centers. However, how about folks who happen to be on the moon? Yes sir, our earth’s very own natural satellite has seen scientists from NASA and MIT demonstrate such a connection, where it relies on Earthbound telescopes in order to beam infrared pulses to a satellite that orbits the Moon.

This particular set up is capable of delivering upload speeds from the moon all the way back to earth to be a fantastic 622Mbps, which is faster than just about most of the other broadband connections available at developing countries and in developed countries as well. When it comes to going the other way, however, download speeds in the opposite direction happen to be slower at 19.44Mbps. Nothing impressive here, but at least if you know that there is a way to relocate to the moon in the future, you won’t have to worry about Internet speeds in that particular part of our galaxy. The moon sure sounds much better to stay on than Mars!

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