moto-x-1There were whispers in the past that pointed to a possible Motorola Moto X successor, where it has been rumored to be known as the Moto X+1. Well, I do admit that the name itself is rather unorthodox, as though it was a level up as found in RPGs, but it does have a catchy ring to it, that is for sure. What is more interesting would be this – the new Moto X+1 has been spotted at, of all places, on Motorola’s very own website, now how about that?

Apparently, those who head towards Motorola’s official website and decide to go to the Moto X page will be able to check out the codename “FLEXR1” in the URL. Should one actually take a slightly more adventurous slant to things and alter the URL to “FLEXR2,” the page name will change to include “Moto X+1.” It has been touted that the very same thing happens when it comes to Moto Maker as evident in the image above.

The pages mentioned do seem to be simple placeholders at this point in time, so do not expect anything more to come out of it other than the very real possibility of the upcoming handset being called the Moto X+1. Do bear in mind that all information is correct as at press time.

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