In just a few days Oppo is going to unveil its new smartphone, a toned down variant of the full-fledged N1. The popular Chinese manufacturer will take the same route as other major manufacturers, who follow up a flagship’s release with a relatively cheaper yet similarly designed “mini” variant. A confirmation of the Oppo N1 Mini announcement has already been made by the company but that hasn’t plugged leaks. New pictures of the device have appeared online.

As expected the Oppo N1 Mini has countless design similarities with the Oppo N1. A defining feature of the latter is its swiveling camera. The smartphone doesn’t need dual-cameras as the 13-megapixel shooter can be swiveled. Even that makes its way to the Oppo N1 Mini.


Its interesting to note that Oppo is probably going to offer some unique color choices. The company doesn’t appear to have opted for just black and white colors, this might strike a chord with any potential buyers who are looking for something other than just black or white.

As far as the specifications are concerned, an octacore processor from MediaTek or Samsung is expected. Apart from a 720p 5-inch display the Oppo N1 Mini is believed to have a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash, 4G LTE support and a 2,140mAh battery. Details about pricing and availability haven’t surfaced as yet so we’ll have to wait on Oppo for that. [Images via C Tech]

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