lebron-appSamsung Mobile US has recently announced that they have a spanking new app for the masses to play with – especially basketball fans. We are referring to the brand new “LeBron“ app, and obviously one can tell just which basketball superstar that this particular app refers to. It would be none other than the famed Miami Heat forward LeBron James, where fans are now about to gain access to a far more detailed look into his life – regardless of whether it is on or off the court.

The LeBron app is currently available on the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II via the Google Play store. Among the main features of the app will include Athlete, where one can check out both photos as well as videos of his workouts, apart from his daily life as an athlete. There will also be a chance to check out NBA Playoffs, where one will see into LeBron’s season and career highlights alongside live scores from the Heat’s playoff games.

Want to know what LeBron James is wearing? Check out the Style feature, where you can see photos and videos of his classic style, sneakers of the day, and off-the-court looks.

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