Warcraft_620_1580053aWe’re sure that fans of the World of Warcraft franchise are looking forward to the upcoming live action movie. The movie has begun its filming and it is expected to see a release in 2016. The delay to 2016 is so that it won’t clash with other big titles, like Star Wars: Episode VII, but it also means a very long post-production process.

Speaking to CraveOnline, Legendary Films’ CEO, Thomas Tull, offered an explanation as to why this might be. He starts off by explaining that this is because there are big title movies coming out in the next two years, but also mention that there are scenes in which the movie’s director, Duncan Jones, that are “cutting edge”, and that the extra time was welcomed as it would allow them to get things right.

“We wanted to make sure that we got that right, but there are some sequences and some things that Duncan Jones has done that are truly on the cutting edge. You want to have plenty of time to make sure that we dial those in. So by the time they get home and set up, it’ll be a little less than two years. It’ll be about 20 months but we really want to take our time and get this right because the technology that’s employed really is some next generation stuff.”

Tull also added that the World of Warcraft movie will have a more linear story. This isn’t that surprising given how established the Warcraft franchise is, we’re sure that fans might take offense to Jones taking creative liberties with the universe they’ve come to know and love. “I would say it’s a linear story, but at the same time, it’s Duncan Jones. That’s what we wanted, was again that different flare, not just straightforward fantasy and everything.”

The movie is expected to finish shooting on the 23rd of May and will be making its way into cinemas come 11th of March 2016. Given how bad video game movies turn out to be, here’s hoping that the World of Warcraft movie will be one of the exceptions.

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