Fans of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft universe would definitely be looking forward to a movie of the game, although we do hope that movie producers do not botch it up. Granted, the advent and advancement of CGI in movies have helped made video game-based movies a whole lot more realistic in the previous decade than in the 1990s, but a bad script cannot be glossed over by stunning visuals. Hence, it is great to hear that the actor in the upcoming movie does feel the pressure to perform. Will the rest of the actors follow suit? In fact, what you see above happens to be a photo from the movie set.

This goes to show how the movie adaptation of World of Warcraft is currently in production, and courtesy to the folks over at the Empire magazine who published this money shot that depicts director Duncan Jones observing his cast working hard. Who wants to warrant a guess as to what the scene shown on the monitors depict? It is widely rumored that the World of Warcraft movie has been scheduled for a March 2016 release, which is still a long way to go, but hopefully there will be no delays and the ilk (cast list not working well together, etc) that will throw a spanner in the works.

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