cerebral-palsy-kinectIt looks like there is more than meets the eye where the Xbox One Kinect is concerned, as we have now received news that this unique motion sensor is able to assist in cerebral palsy rehabilitation, now how about that for being useful? Researchers over at the Bloorview Research Institute in Canada are currently working on games that make use of the Kinect in order to help children who have cerebral palsy to be able to gain their motor function.

<1--more-->Researcher Elaine Biddiss did mention that kids who have cerebral palsy tend to experience difficulty in extending their limbs such as their wrists, elbows and shoulders, and hence the integration of Kinect into their therapies might be able to be the “push” factor in helping kids perform the necessary exercises.

Biddiss continued, “Rehabilitation is driven by repetitive practice, and that can be boring for kids to do the same thing over and over again. But when you put it in a game environment with rewards and points, that helps to motivate kids. We recognize that games are a fantastic way to get kids to engage in these therapies, and there are a lot of elements to video games that are fundamental to neuroplasticity.”

See? Gaming isn’t all that bad, but just like many other things on this earth, too much of something might eventually lead you down into a downward spiral.

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