The iFixit team opened up the Xbox One yesterday to reveal its sweet, sweet innards, which one of the discoveries they made was the ease at which its hard drive can be removed. In case you forgot, the Xbox One also comes with the new Kinect, which Microsoft has shown us several demos of the device in action, but didn’t talk about what’s sitting inside of the camera’s shell. Well – wonder no more as iFixit has taken apart the Kinect 2.0.

The iFixit team found a number of interesting facts about the new Xbox One Kinect, one of which is that its cable is connected to the device, making it difficult to remove if need be. The team also learned while there isn’t much to fix inside of the Xbox One Kinect, the majority of its components are modular and are held in place by screws.

Unfortunately, to actually get into the Xbox One Kinect is a bit of a challenge as it’s held together with large amounts of glue and Torx screws.

In total, the Xbox One Kinect received a 6 out of 10 in iFixit’s repairability scale, meaning that it wouldn’t be a complete hassle to fix if you bust it up during use.

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