android worldcupEvery year Google launches a major revision of Android. However unlike iOS where the increments in versions go up by 1 every year, Google has made some interesting choices. For example Android 4.0 was Ice Cream Sandwich, followed by 4.1-4.3 which was Jelly Bean, and 4.4 which is KitKat.

Now we’re not sure what’s next for Android or what version Google could be going for (it is possible that Google could go 4.5), but thanks to a screenshot posted by Google on Twitter, it seems that the next Android build could be version 5.0. The screenshot posted, as you can see in the image above, is about how Google Now will be able to show off the World Cup scores.

However the time display on the phone is set at 5:00. This is particularly significant because it is also how Google shows off the version of its Android build during its promo, so assuming that Google is keeping to their tradition, those screenshots could have very well confirmed Android 5.0. That and the fact that Google has teased builds before only serves to cement the speculation.

We’re not sure what name Google could be going with this time. So far it has mostly been desserts and sweet stuff, so let us know in the comments below on what kind of dessert Google could name the next Android build after! Google I/O will also be kicking off later this month so hopefully additional details will be revealed then.

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