surface-pro-3-ifixitThe folks over at iFixit have had their stab at new devices pretty quickly after said device has been introduced, the OnePlus One included, and this time around, they have gotten hold of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 device and attempted to take it apart. The thing is, they came up against a challenge that they sort of expected considering Microsoft’s Surface range has never had a reputation of being easy to fix. The Surface Pro 3, then, follows in a similar “tradition”.


In fact, iFixit actually gave the Surface Pro 3 with a 1 out of 10 score for its “repairability” rating which places it at just about dead last. This basically means your regular Surface Pro 3 owner is unable to repair the tablet if it happens to run into issues, since Microsoft has made good use of plenty of strong adhesive and non-standard connectors, while ensuring that it would be tough to open the device in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, even the seasoned folks at iFixit found it difficult to open up the Surface Pro 3, where they cracked the Surface Pro 3’s display by accident, which has been attributed to it being a fused glass panel and LCD. Then again, if anything goes wrong with your Surface Pro 3, it would be best to send it back to the manufacturer, don’t you think so?

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