ladybirdFarming is long and hard work, but it can be rewarding too, especially when you take into consideration that you know what exactly you are eating. Not only that, it gives you a greater appreciation of nature, but why not enlist the help of technology to increase yield and efficiency on the farm? What you see above is the Ladybird, which happens to be a $1 million research project that is headed by the University of Sydney. The Ladybird was given that moniker since it looks like a giant, robotic one – being covered by solar photovoltaics to provide it with the necessary energy to move around.

As for its function, it will be able to monitor and assist the cultivation of vegetable crops. Being laser-guided and self-driving, its main mission at the moment is to pick up different kinds of data concerning the farm that it makes its way across without nary a complaint. The sensors will be able to detect variable stages of vegetable growth and pest species, be they plant or animal in origin. There is also an integrated robotic arm that will help in the removal of weeds if it needs be, not to mention the very same arm can open up the road for autonomous harvesting down the road.

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