mario kart 8 mcdsMario Kart 8 has been released for the Wii U for a couple of weeks now, and so far from what we have heard based on reviews, it is being well-received. In fact it has also helped to increase the number of Wii U consoles sold over in Japan which is something Nintendo is probably extremely pleased about.


Now we’re sure that there are many fans of the Mario Kart franchise out there and the good news is that if you were looking for some Mario Kart 8 related collectibles, you will be able to start collecting them by heading to your local McDonald’s. The fast food company has recently revealed that they will be giving away Mario Kart 8 toys with every Happy Meal purchase.

In fact one of the giveaways is a plastic visor that is supposed to resemble the cap the Mario wears, although we’re not sure if it will be kid-sized or if we will be able to fit it onto our heads. Like we said earlier, these collectibles will be part of the Happy Meal toy giveaway, so you’ll have to buy one of the meals yourself in order to get it, which might seem a bit weird but hopefully you guys won’t get too many stares!

However we should point out that the current promotion at the moment are for toys related to How To Train Your Dragon 2, so you will have to wait for that particular promotion to end before you can get your hands on the Mario Kart 8 figurines.

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