pspetsvitaTrue to their word, PS Vita Pets has finally arrived on the PS Vita as well as on PlayStation Store today, where this particular game is a surefire way of melting the heart of your other half. After all, there is nothing quite as heartwarming as bringing home a puppy, right? Sony has ensured that you will have an extremely lifelike experience, where your virtual four legged pets will carry realistic personalities with more than 10,000 ‘voices’ for that added touch of personalization.

Apart from that, right after you have chosen your pooch, you will be able to go an adventure that kicks off on an island that is full of caves, mazes, castles and treasure. Your task? To figure out the various secret clues in order to solve the mystery of an ancient legend of a king and his dog.

One good thing about virtual dogs is this – you might still have to clean up after them, but at least you need not dirty your hands, literally speaking, and there is no unpleasant odor to assault your senses. With PS Vita Pets, you will be able to meet the daily needs of your virtual pooch, giving you a glimpse into how taking care of an actual dog would feel like. At least at $19.99 a pop, PS Vita Pets is going to be a whole lot more affordable than the real deal. [Press Release]

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