steamboyIt would not be until next year when the very first of Steam Machines, which is a rather fancy name for gaming computers that will run on Valve’s very own SteamOS operating system, are tipped to hit the market. While you wait patiently for that to happen, don’t limit the SteamOS to just being designed for PC games gaining a presence in the living room, as the creators of the SteamBoy have set out to do. In fact, their ambition is to make sure that you will be able to enjoy PC gaming while you are on the move – not the newest concept at all in the consumer electronics market, but it does get the job done if executed properly.

Known as the SteamBoy, this particular machine is more or less a portable PC that has a 5” touchscreen display, where it will be accompanied by video gaming buttons that follow in the style of the Steam Controller. The full nitty gritty on its hardware specifications remain to be discovered, but we do know that it is not as powerful as the standard issue gaming desktop, running on Steam OS, Valve’s operating system, while sporting an array of hardware control buttons in order to let you enjoy a slew of PC games, albeit at a graphical resolution that is inferior to that of a souped up PC.

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